Premium Sender. Filter numbers, send messages, attachments and more.
Simple end-to-end encryption to secure email and attachments on Google.
Replace the paper clip icon by the kind of attachment an email has in Gmail.
Small tweaks to gmail. Creates an button prompting user to move attachments to top. Sets email images widths to max-width:100%
Adds an embedded audio and video player to Gmail for playing audio and video attachments.
Send and request large attachments securely using Citrix.
Search, Browse, and Delete Attachments in Gmail
The video slidecast recorder for Google Slides™
Rename CRM attachments
This extension permits you to download all files attached, in a mail, separately on Gmail™
Web Bulk Sender web - Send Messages, Attachments, Personalized Message, Smart auto replies and more.
Gmail+Trello integration. Add Google mail to Trello cards with text, backlinks, and attachments.
Removes Content-Disposition: attachment HTTP header to allow view files instead of downloading them. Extension icon acts as toggle.
Automatically mark videos on Youtube that you have already watched.
Download media and attachments from Patreon pages.
Switch between multiple bookmark bars easily! [WARNING] Update from Sep 2017: This extension is currently in beta - please back up…
Automatically encrypt messages & attachments, track file views & opens and revoke access even after sending.
Zeigt Suchvorschläge aus mehreren Suchmaschinen gleichzeitig an.
ParseCV, a plug-in to chrome to parse Gmail attachments
Download all available course attachments on Canvas. This extension works for all schools that use Canvas LMS.
Flush DNS resolver cache and close all opened sockets. Requires Chrome to be started with the --enable-net-benchmarking flag.
Know who opens your emails, links and attachments, where and for how long. Recall and send self-destructed emails.
Chromium Page Benchmarker.
Matchmaking tools for TF2Center and logs.tf.
Folding@Home dark mode web client with real time GPU/CPU PPD by WU benchmarking for comparison to other folders.
Mit dieser Erweiterung kannst du Gexsi als Standardsuchmaschine einrichten.
Web Bulk Sender web - Send Messages, Attachments, Personalized Message, Smart auto replies and more.
Zero knowledge, simple email encryption by Jumble; secures your emails and attachments in Gmail, Google Apps, Outlook and more
Search the web with Searchme
L'extension Chrome Techmaker !
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