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Highlight, tag and add notes across the Web.
A web clipper tool for Dropbox. Clips web contents directly to Dropbox Paper.
Use Web Clipper to save text and images to Weje
Capture and organize content from websites, issue trackers, Gmail, YouTube, ZenDesk, Jira into sharable lists.
Easily save articles to AlphaSense
Use Moxtra Web Clipper to keep all related content together in Moxtra Binder.
PageDash is your digital web scrapbook. Save web pages with just one click!
Create and edit specs directly from any vendor webpage.
Programa Web clipper
Bookmark & annotate webpages & PDFs, capture screenshots, log time spent while browsing, block distracting sites, sync tabs
Captures selected text from any webpage to generate an Omnity.io search.
Capture and Recall Snippets of Relevant Content important to you!
Imports a web page into Amazon Zocalo.
Save web articles to Bipsync
MyInfo Web Clipper
Web Clipper for Allusion - for organizing your Visual Library
It lets you save any web page off the internet to your Inkdrop database in Markdown so you can read or edit it later.
Clip web pages directly to evidence vault.
The Batterii Web Clipper allows members of a Batterii community to capture content from the web and send it back to Batterii walls.
Easily clip web content with the ITONICS Web Clipper.
Klippper is a Notion Web clipper, it helps you fill your Notion databases from the browser without switching tabs
Clip Web Page content and save it to Clibu. See www.clibu.com
Ditch the bookmarks bar. Clip links. Add tags. Get organized. All your content, managed in one place.
Use our Web Clipper to save any website / PDF into Research.app.
Clip product specs and images directly to your favorites board and projects in DesignerLogic.
AwesomeClip for Chrome
Luckynote web clipper
Clip web content into Slice projects
A minimal bare-bones web clipper to select a section of any webpage and save it as a standalone HTML file
Save web references and notes to Auratikum.
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