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php dev tools integrated to your browser
Logs all AJAX activity to the Dev Tools Console, allowing inspection of AJAX calls, and open calls in new tab with all the inputs.
Dev Tools sidebar that aids finding unique CSS selectors for Selenium WebDriver tests.
Google Chrome™ Dev Tools extension for debugging Sencha™ applications.
Adds the API mocker Mokku to Dev Tools for seamless integration & testing.
Redux saga dev tools
Monokai color scheme for Chrome dev tools.
This extension add to Chrome Dev Tools a new XHR JSON Panel that presents the most important data sent/received in an Ajax process.
A handy collection of shortcuts and tools for the Nuxeo developer
Chrome SP Dev Tools
Provides a dev tools panel to view postMessages for the current page
A React Recoil Debugger
Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations Developer Tools to open table browser, run class, or open form by their name
Run calculations agains Qlik Sense (desktop and server) from Chrome Dev Tools
Tools for SharePoint administrators and developers.
Collection of Handy tools for web/developers!
This extension extends the capabilities of Chrome Dev tools.
View and edit Ractive.js components using Chrome Dev Tools
A collection of enhancements for Appian developers.
Flat, sexy, bro-licious Dev Tools theme. Pushups not included
A CoffeeScript console within the Chrome Dev Tools. Updated/Fixed Version of Coffee Console.
This Dev Tools extension provides an easily-readable summary of Google Analytics events sent by the current page in the DevTools.
Chrome dev tool to inspect kendo mvvm bindings
A LiveScript console within the Chrome Dev Tools. Based on Coffee Console 2.
A CoffeeScript and LiveScript console within the Chrome Dev Tools. Based on Coffee Console 2.
RE:DOM dev tools for Chrome
Adds Ractive context data to chrome dev tools.
A customizable dev tools
Redux dev tool
Magento Dev Tool: Allows you to easily and quickly show/hide path hints when enabled in Backend
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