Protect your browser with a synced password on any browser using the same account and keep any site you want blocked.
It is one of the most effective extension for blocking advertising on websites
Browsecure helps you stay secure while browsing online by blocking potentially dangerous websites that distribute malware and…
Blocking sending "seen"(Unseen message) and typing features in Facebook/Messenger
AdGuard Extra is designed to solve complicated cases when regular ad blocking rules aren't enough.
Automatic blocking of all font detection for browser fingerprinting.
Exempt your favorite channels from adblocking.
Malware and Adware blocking on all websites. Lower RAM and CPU usage.
CatBlock is like an ad blocker, but instead of blocking ads it shows you pictures of cats (configurable)
Internet Unblocking Extension.
Save your children from "The Internet" by blocking 350+ websites.
Add a block button for a simple one click blocking.
Ensure your online safety by automatically blocking known malware websites. Updated daily with new defintions!
The world’s fastest ad blocker! Same ad blocking, 8x accelerated webpage loading.
Helps you stay focused on the web by blocking unnecessary destractions
Make your browser work faster with no ads, annoying tracking and hardware overhead. Free ad-blocking extension.
This extension sets your search engine to Ghostery Glow. ➤ How it works Using Ghostery’s world renowned tracker blocking…
It's a fastest ad blocker. Its speed up your internet, sometimes in two times and more. By blocking ads, malware and tracking
Helps aid productivity by blocking social media and other web distractions
Popup Blocking&Ninjutsu艺术相遇的地方
Adblocking simplified: A low-profile, independent ad blocker for the masses.
Save/open/copy ANY image on the web with just a few clicks. Stops websites from block blocking image downloads.
This extension resolves CORS request blocking errors, allowing you to watch HLS videos (m3u8 / ts)
EFF web tracker measurement laboratory
Bulk tool for blocking Twitter followers.
Based on the same open source codebase used by over 50 million people, improved by blocking malware, tracking and ALL display ads
Track your emails and block email trackers for FREE, forever.
blockerDNS service Chrome Extension
Burn away the distractions and increase your productivity by blocking newsfeeds from Linkedin, Facebook and Youtube.
Ad blocker - best free ads blocking extension for browser. Stops popup, text advertising, malware and tracking
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