Ghostery 是强大的隐私保护扩展程序。拦截广告,停止跟踪器,提高网站速度。
A companion extension to uBlock Origin: to gain ability to foil early hostile anti-user mechanisms working around content blockers.
Adds code intelligence to GitHub, GitLab, and other hosts: hovers, definitions, references. For 20+ languages.
The Shodan plugin tells you where the website is hosted (country, city), who owns the IP and what other services/ ports are open.
This extension will enable Flash for K12, FuelEducation, Keystone, and A+nywhere hosted content.
Enables video streaming from various file hosts via icedivx.com
ReqBin HTTP Client to send HTTP API requests to the localhost and servers on your local network.
CyberGhost Cookie Cleaner is a plugin designed to give you control of your online preferences, personal data, and private details.
A perfect web conferencing tool to host online meetings, share screen and join conference with video collaboration in browser.
Download images from one-click hosting services without external tools or additional 3rd-party software.
This extension allows http://*.set.rn.gov.br/ to access certfications and hardware tokens via a native message host app.
Login to a company-branded dashboard with secure access to all your web and hosted applications.
Host or Join Netflix Watch Party with your friends/family online!
Access virtual hosts of a server without the need of host redirection or DNS.
Ghost Inspector extension for recording automated website tests in your browser
Control Your Privacy Settings! Delete browser history. Clear cookies. Clear cache. Remove hosted app data.
Check Open Graph on internet unreachable sites like localhost or under basic auth. Temporary host site head tags on hashed url.
Replaces the chat on Twitch.tv with Chatterino.
The MyVidster video bookmarking tool that provides an easy way to collect, organize and share videos from any video host.
This extension allows you to find who is hosting any website.
WowApp brings you 'Smart Web', with a host of different ways to receive wowcoins.
快速切换 Domain-IP 配置而不需要编辑 Hosts 文件,并方便的添加、修改、分组(批量开关)。Switch domain-ip mapping (Hosts file) between different environment
Switch your host/IP mappings in real time without editing your hosts file
Download videos from popular video hosting.
Read out comment on Twitch, Youtube for Live streamer. You don't need to set up complex tools anymore
Download videos from various video hosting sites, news portals, social networks and so on.
Get powerful, real-time tracker analytics. Audit trackers from one entry point to improve user experience and website performance.
Ghost for Chat allows you to vanish from Facebook’s chat and talk to whomever you’d like without getting caught.
Write in the browser with your text editor.
Enhanced resource navigation for GitHub hosted Android projects
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