This extension predicts rating changes for Codeforces. It shows approximate deltas during and after the contest.
Analyse Codeforces profiles
Track your practice progress on Codeforces.
Rating predictor for Codeforces
Makes Codeforces better: multiple ratings graph, colorizes standings, adds "Hide/Show solved problems" link
This extension filters the standings for a given contest on Codeforces to show only active competitors of a specific country.
No ButtHurt EXTension for Codeforces: know your rating
Codeforces extension pack
This extension will help you to remain updated with the latest CodeForces contests.
Codeforces.com Mongolian translation
Very simple extension to hide/show problems tags
Get output for custom input while solving problems on codeforces
A Codeforces Problem Tracker Chrome Extension which helps you to track your problems.
Enhances the static codeforces websites with additional features so that you get a complete environment during contests
How it works? 1. Install this extension. 2. Then browse any codeforces problem and click on the extension. You get all the…
customize and extend codeforces
Shows recent blog actions on codeforces.com platform and check your friends list status and submissions.
See your pending questions(WA,Compile error etc.) on Codeforces instead of distracting posts on Facebook news feed.
It enhances the Codeforces user profile according to selected options locally
Adds Codeforces-style friending to the Timus Online Judge.
Calendar for all the upcoming contests on different competitive programming platforms like Codeforces, Codechef, Leetcode, etc.
push notification for codeforces
Monash University ACM Teams' Training Tool.
Shows standings with updated names from codeforces
各種オンラインジャッジの問題にproblem IDからアクセスできたり、サブミットできたりする予定です。現在はAOJ,UVa,PKU,ACM-ICPC LiveArchive, Codeforcesの問題にアクセスできます。
Tells the time remaining for the latest contest that will happen in Codeforces. You need not to login and see for the latest…
This extension reminds you about upcoming Codeforces contests
View the time associated with your submissions in your local time zone
Chrome extension that adds a Javascript editor with real-time output to Codeforces problem page
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