Re-enable the possibility to use the context menu on sites that overrides it.
Re-enables the backspace key as a back navigation button (except when writing text).
Disable so called copy protection on shady websites. Enable context menu, right click, selection, and copying.
Re-enables the "Mute Tab" feature once found in Chrome itself.
Temporarily disable all your extensions with one click. Click again and you re-enable all your previously disabled extensions.
Re-enable the possibility to use the context menu, copy, paste, and text selection on sites that prevent them
Disable zooming by default. Re-enable zooming on a per-tab basis by clicking the Zoom Block icon.
This extension re-enables the ability to select text that has been disabled via CSS using the "user-select" property. I made this…
Removes Illvit paywall notice and re-enables scroll
Changes 'spellcheck=off' to 'spellcheck=on' in web pages to override explicitly disabled settings.
Re-enables any disabled oncut / oncopy / onpaste / oncontextmenu / ondrag / ondrop events for all input text elements in web pages
This extension re-enables autocomplete for password fields on websites that intentionally disable it (autocomplete=off).
Removes copy disablers from certain pages; gives the information's control back to the user.
A simple Chrome extension to re-enable square avatars and UI elements on Twitter.
Re-enables the backspace key as a "back button" (will not navigate away from the page when inputting text).
Removes overlays and re-enables scroll on locked pages. More sites to come.
This plugin re-enables the context menu and makes the user able to select any text on the page, where these are disabled.
The extension re-enables the copy/paste functionality, context menu and native highlighting feature on web pages.
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