Convert & compress videos, record webcam videos. Get faster YouTube uploads. Free & secure.
Easy and quick way to view and control your IP-cameras
Ipcam Viewer
Extract the CSS/HTML for any element on any page, only take the styles you want
A simple extension that allows you to schedule HipChat Meetings and stream your desktop into HipChat.
Overlay video where ever you're working. Pipcontrol.com
Add-on for Tampermonkey allowing an userscript to copy text to the clipboard using GM_setClipboard API
This is the Tripcipe Chrome Extension
¡La más rápida del oeste! Muestra indicadores Económicos para Chile: UF, Dólar, EURO, UTM, IPC. Los valores se obtienen de la SBIF.
Generate credit card numbers with unqiue details such as name, zipcode, country, phone number, and address for testing and signup.
Quick launch Free ClipClaps Cash Codes Dispenser 2021 by TG468
foscam H.264 720P IPCam Plugins
Share your screen while walking through or reviewing transaction forms and documents with transaciton parties.
Discover outdoor destinations and get a daily dose of camping inspiration on your new tab screen.
CRM plugin for IPCortex PABX.
Show IPython notebook attachment in the HipChat web app
Translates to kipcsak dialect
Get notifications of team's call and quick phone dial on any website
This extension allows to remove history for a room page in HipChat
Connectez-vous automatiquement au réseau wifi insa-invité, à cipcnet et au réseau insa, en un clic.
Add a list of available HipChat emoticons for easy use as well as some nice hot keys.
Bu eklenti Hipcall web telefonunuzu açmanızı, tıklayarak arama yapmanızı (CTI) ve gelen çağrıda bildirim almanızı sağlar.
Some tweaks to hipchat.com
No te suscribas a ningun diario online!, con esta extensión desbloquea todos los portales soportados
An chrome extension made to check completed listing prices. Made by cheems#9467 discord.gg/hEfnJz5rAk


Spoofing to get dem supersex retina resolution emoticons from hipchat
This extension clips videos to clipchan.com
Calcula de forma agil y rapida las materias y horarios para incribir en la U
Linkedin prospection app
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