SteamWizard is a browser extension that helps loading additional information for CS:GO items on the steam community market.
Wiza.co | Prospect, Verify, Reach Out
Create XPath queries select similar elements and visualize the results.
Become a prospecting wizard with Greenhouse!
An industry-leading ad ops extension that allows publishers to view data on their AdExchange and Prebid Ads.
Merch Wizard is a Merch By Amazon organizer and sales tool that integrates with Airtable to supercharge Merch.
KDP Wizard is a Kindle Direct Publishing organizer & listing tool that integrates with Airtable to supercharge your KDP business.
SEO Wizard is a FREE SEO extension which displays all onpage and offpage SEO information to help you make your website better.
WizardBar by FBA Wizard
VideoWizard is a free Google Chrome extension which can download any video from Facebook for free in a moment
FBA Fee Calculator by FBA Wizard
Keyboard shortcuts for EM, REM, and Percentage conversions in Webflow
Make the shop wizard less painful. Make quick-stocking less painful. You get the idea...
Use magic to quickly self-publish your books across all platforms.
QA Wizard Pro JavaScript capture module. Used for capturing Chrome elements.
Replaces the standard cursor with Harry Potter-style cursors. Choose your magic wand and control it. Only for real wizards!
Premier Worksheet Wizard
Download signatures from a URL and insert them into emails automatically.
Auto sning for FIFA 21 FUT web app wizard gaems.
This extension adds more functionality to your Trello boards
Detect which theme a Shopify store is using.
Unofficial extension for Time Clock Wizard. Quickly clock in/out, and check your weekly hours, all from a convenient popup!
Recruit Wizard's Chrome Extension lets you easily link profiles from common social media sites to a record in Recruit Wizard.
Quick and Easy Editing for Shopify, BigCommerce, Yahoo! Store, and WordPress websites.
Hassle-free job applications!
Helps you to drop product to the facebook marketplace
Adds IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, and Metacritic ratings, along with Oscar and Golden Globe awards, to titles on Netflix and Hulu.
A free Chrome Extension designed to help developers to develop their VisualForce Page or HTML Page.
Replaces the text 'cyber' with 'wizard'.
This extension indexes rarity data for NFT collections and displays rankings directly on OpenSea.
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