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Collect attendance in a Google Sheet from a Google Meet.
This extension launches the Goobric web app, a rubric based assessment tool that works with the Doctopus Add-on for Google Sheets.
Copies HTML tables to the clipboard or exports them to Microsoft Excel, CSV, Google Sheets, Office 365, etc.
This extension creates a new Google Sheet in one click
将您的电子邮件和标签备份、导出或解析到 Google 表格
Records Google Meet™ attendance and exports to Google Sheets™.
Move Google Sheets tabs on top
A large number of Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets templates to boost your business.
Get instant expert help with Excel and Google Sheets in one easy step
Automated Amazon research with Helium 10, Keepa & more. Fast exporting to Google Sheets & data correlation for informed decisions.
Highlight a row (and column) of current cell in Google Sheets.
From LinkedIn to your Google Sheet!
Tool for Etsy Search Analytics. Export search queries and word statistics to files for MS Excel, Google Sheets and text editors.
Shorten URLs without leaving the current tab.
Type Superscripts, Subscripts, and Other Scientific and Mathematical Symbols Directly Into Google Forms and Google Sheets
Dark mode for Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Drawings and more! Support coming soon for other Google services!
This extension allows the user to add data to a Google Sheets spreadsheet from an extension window.
Download the current tab in Google Sheets as PDF or XLSX with one click.
Quickly search for highlighted text on Google Shopping via right-click
Copies text from shoppinglist.google.com to the clipboard, so you can import it into Keep or move it elsewhere
A form builder for Google Sheets that allows you to embed forms on any site with any style.
Import your contacts in Airtable or Google Sheets directly from your linkedIn pages.
Links your Facebook Group Members to Google Sheet instantly!
Save job postings from LinkedIn, Indeed, and Lever to Google Sheets
Provides a quick method of getting the 9 google shortcuts normally found on the google homepage
Get your data to Google Sheets and automate your reporting
Simply click on a button to cite a judgement. Copy Citation for Excel or Google Sheets that paste into separate columns and…
Pushes user's Legendary Marketer affiliate data to Google Sheet
Socialtribes helps admins of a Facebook group to extract the answers of member requests to a Google Sheet
Allows you to add a row to a Google Sheet from a browser popup
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