Launch Arrows, Hurl Fireballs, And Swing A Mighty Axe! Explore the fantasy themed desktop and mobile MMO Pocket Legends for FREE!
Add text, draw different shapes, lines, arrows to live web pages in real time make a screenshot and share.
Narrows down the possible words for skribble.io.
Crazy shooting is a fun shooter games. Click the mouse or press the space bar to set the power, then again to aim the arrows.
Slope Unblocked Online Game [2021 Updated] Slope Unblocked is the best addon to play the Slope game. [Left & Right Arrow]
Pinterest Enhanced Experience - Fixed Height | Full Size images Download | Google Image Search | Arrow Keys Navigation through pins
Use numbers and arrowkeys on the keyboard or the mouse to choose and rotate the fidget spinners (up to four simultaneously).
Use your keyboard inputs to pause/play your meeting recording, forward 10 seconds or backward 10 seconds using arrows.
Interact with Chromebooks in the classroom
Add's shortcuts to HBO Max/Go. L/R Arrow: Skip 10 seconds, Up/Down: Change Volume, Space: Pause, C: Skip Commercials
Play snake game in popup screen. Use arrow keys to change the direction of the snake and catch the bug.
Ice Dodo 3 - use arrow buttons to bring the character to the finish line
Move The Ball In Slope & Control it. It is the best addon to play the Slope game. [Left & Right Arrow]
アマゾンでの検索キーワード表示順位とインデクス化状況チェックツール AX Arrows10 - 最高の精度を誇るキーワードリサーチツール
Use A and D or the arrow keys to move, get the green and blue balls, avoid the red balls. Idea by Jacob Ullrich.
Hide/show Funimation video UI with 'z' and use PageUp/PageDown or ArrowUp/ArrowDown keys to seek 1 second back/forward
This is a bow and arrow game. In the game you are a hunter with a bow. Move mouse to rotate a bow and click mouse to fire.
To auto play Tiktok videos! You don't have to click right arrows/next button any more...
Best Frame By Frame Tool. Works with all websites! Move your mouse cursor over video and use keyboard arrows to switch frames.
Help Sonic collect rings and defeat all enemies. Move with the arrowkeys, jump with spacebar. Have fun exploring !
Move a block around a floating platform using the arrow keys, dropping it through the square hole to complete the level.
Archery is a classic bow and arrow shooting game, Aim at the target board and shoot to get a high score.
Use Ctrl+Up/Down arrows to make pages scroll continously.
Amazon product research tool, estimated revenue and velocity, narrow down profitable products, cross-reference competitors, & more.
Expand the Video on Spotify Video Podcasts to full page and skip using arrow keys
Draw back an arrow and launch it!
Avoid things like sharp edges, Rotary chainsaws, arrows, mace and other deadly objects. Have Fun!
Green Arrow Wallpapers New Tab is custom newtab with Green Arrow DC Comics backgrounds. Themes made for Green Arrow fans.
Press the space bar (or up arrow key) to start the T-Rex game. To sit down - press down arrow key.
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