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Multi Tab New Tab
Learn kanji everyday: get a random kanji when you open a new tab.
Includes HD images from the Japanese manga Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai on every new tab. For fans of manga and anime!
Opens a random wikipedia page on a new tab
open multi tabs from urls separated by spaces or tabs or new lines
New tab to relax/study to
This extension allows you to copy any Wikipedia table to clipboard in convenient CSV format
Call upon the strength of Yoshi to close useless tabs
This extension Will create mutli urls of Your links and open them in multi tabs in any browsers
Replace the favicon icon of a chrome tab with custom emoji – so you can finally tell your tabs apart.
Extension to open many tabs with one click of a button
Help raise money for student medical needs with the SMFI Tab.
Allows using middle mouse click on youtube search bar
A multi-tabber script for mobstar.cc
Open your stock ticker on multiple sites in a click
Navigate and search tabs from anywhere
Open random Ruby on Rails API document on new tab
Why open a new tab when you can open a taki tab!
Türkiye'nin Tabelacısı en iyi ve kaliteli tabela çeşirlerini tabelacı net adresinde bulabilirsiniz.
Ghauri TabSorting fetch content to new tab for the comfort of user.It has appealing background and have tabs sorting functionality.
A chrome extension that shows a random image of my cat in a new tab.
Quickly open all links in The News 2 site
This extension configures your default Search Engine
Khởi đầu mỗi tab mới với một câu thành ngữ Hán Việt
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