5 STAR Adblocker with the most complete adblocker filterlists for you. Install now and never see and ad again. Free.
Unstoppable adblocker
Adblocker blocks ads, pop-up and preroll ads for Youtube and the Web.
Make your computer run smoothly by suspending the tabs you aren't using
YouTube Adblocker removes all ads: pre-roll video ads, text & banner ads. Save time by stopping those useless advertisements.
Block annoying ads, popups, malware and tracking (even on Facebook & Youtube), browse faster, and protect your privacy.
The most advanced ad blocker stops popup, text ads, malware and tracking!
Relentless and easy to use adblocker
Remove all ads and improve your browsing experience
uBlocker removes different type of ads on websites. It's a fast, efficient & most effective adblocker utility for Chrome
Adblock blocks unwanted ads for Youtube and the Web. Light and fast adblo
uBlocker is a fast, efficient & most effective adblocker utility on the planet.
Effortless ad blocking and content filtering
Unstoppable adblocker
Join the digital resistance movement against ads!
Adblocker by Trustnav is the definitive adblock as it removes popups, annoying banners and video ads.
Fast and reliable ad blocking software.
Ad blocker fast, effective and easy to use.
Video AdBlocker
Make YouTube tidy+smart! YouTube video color ad skip volume speed channel tool style HD ads adblock adblocker tags keyword playlist
Easy to use adblocker for your browser
Effortless ad blocking and content filtering
Genesis Plus adblocker removes all ads and popups from all websites! The fastest adblock available plus modern controls and features
Effectively removes all types of advertising on all web pages
Companion extension for Nano Adblocker
Video Adblocker
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