This extension blocks initial refresh/loading in background tabs.
Open sites for initialize cookies
This extension makes the initial background of a webpage black.
initialization stylesheet for integration work
Adds buttons for each dependabot command in the initial Pull Request description on github.com.
Simple way to browse initial commits in github repo
A simple utility tool to convert JSON string to Object Initializer format in C#.
Prevents having duplicated tabs, instead it focuses and reloads the initial one
Removes initial merge description when merging on GitHub
This extension will help determine unique Selenium WebElement that can be used with PageFactory to initialize elements on the page.
Jump to the first commit of a GitHub repository
Extension for Search Korean by initial with regex
Chrome extension to transform initials in tweets to full names
This extension shows people's avatars on each card instead of initials
Re-opens the page from which a tab was initially opened.


A few UI improvements to Asana.com through CSS and JS. Initially put together on June 2nd, 2015.
Adds an initial question to a EEE evaluation form to autofill all radio button questions.
Initially take me to the search results page of YouTube, Twiiter, Reddit not the addictive homepage or feed
A Simple New Tab Page. This is an initial version. I made this because the default new tab page has become very distracting.
Developed to automate the initial review of Agenda Staff Reports.
This extension adds a tooltip '?' beside known initials for easier reading
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