把 Anyway.FM 节目中的参考链接推荐(和一些玩笑)显示在 Chrome 新建 Tab 上,同时推送新番的提醒
Flagger floods the Internet with red flag keywords. It shouldn't bother the NSA since they're not supposed to spy on us anyway.
Buy cheap air tickets
Get rid of `width=blah` values from table columns (it never looks good anyway!).
This extension set the comments of Gizmodo Brazil to the top because people usually prefer to see the comments first anyway,right ?
This time, you can join mercenary forces or Germans. I leave this up to you, which side is more appealing for you. Anyway, you get


You should feel ashamed of being so lazy, but enjoy anyway.
Wanted to play a battle royal game? Wanted to play that game in school and actually learn from it? Of course you didn't but anyways…
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