Esta extensión completa automaticamente el campo del digito verificador, tanto para patentes de autos, como para el ABL, etc.
Increase your patent efficiency
Provides patent claims information for a given patent.
Access Free Patent Examiner Statistics directly on the USPTO’s PAIR and Patent Center Websites
Download the PDF version of a patent or patent application directly from Google Patents using the patent or application number.
Opens Google Patents for a selected patent identifier.
凡網路資料具專利號者,主動建立連結,提供專利完整資料,掌握專利情報。Actively provides patent on web data with patent numbers, giving control over patent information
Automatic highlight and tag selected items in a Patent eDossier list based on specified colours.
Provides USPTO patent assignments for any selected text, such as a selected company name or a patent number.
As you read emails, articles, and webpages, you can select keywords, right-click, and jump straight to relevant patents on PatSnap.
BDBFind provides links to data and downloads when you view an article or patent for which BindingDB has data.
Read patents easier than ever.
Easy Search results comparison tool for The Lens & Google Patents search engines.
Ubiner is patented as a system that gives income to users every time they type a letter. We are a system that measures the value of…
EPO's bibliographic, worldwide legal status, full-text and image databases.
get patent info from product description
Patent Searcher | جستجوگر اختراع
Adds Google's Patents Search Directly to The Context Menu. Select your keywords in a page & right click to search Google's patents.
View Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) from Espacenet in Colour
this extension delivers IP information straight into your chrome browser
Gleanbee® [PATENT PENDING] ~ Welcome to Gleanbee® where you can feel at home, find out what the point is, and think straight!
Creates a Dark-mode user interface for Google Patents
Quickly find U.S. patents by number.
Press Alt+1 to search selected text or numbers.
Makes the first claim of the patent static in patents.google.com
Rdbase google patents tool.
Search Logger: Google, Google Patents, Google Scholar, Espacenet, The Lens, AusPat.
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