go.mail.ru search results in omnibox
Add current URL to the Title bar to compensate for missing Chrome_OmniboxView
Adds support to the omnibox to search within the Java API.
Quickly create Trello cards and access your Trello boards from the Omnibox.
Add support to the omnibox dropdown to use in a preferred search engine
This extension lets you easily switch between your favorite search engines.
Adds an 'ad' omnibox command and view source links for the Android SDK.
Make Top Green Search your default search in browser omnibox.
Search for bookmarks from the omnibox.
Change the default omnibox (address bar) search to "Gorgeous Tab" search. The "Gorgeous Tab" extension allows you to quickly and…
Display a tree of bookmarks under a toolbar button, and search your bookmarks in the omnibox using the keyword 'bm'.
A simple timer built for Chrome
Change default search engine to make Top New Tab your default search in Chrome browser omnibox (address bar). Top New Tab is a…
Add support to the omnibox to search in Google Drive.
Hide Chrome Omnibox (Search&Address bar) Suggestions.
SoundCloud Search is a Chrome extension for searching SoundCloud tracks and users via the omnibox.
Launch app from your Omnibox! (type 'app')
An alternative to Chrome's Omnibox. Replaces the New Tab page.
Adds support to the omnibox to search the JavaEE API.
Adds an 'ad' Omnibox command and 'view source' links for the Android SDK
Change default search engine to make Web New Tab your search in Chrome browser address bar (omnibox). Web New Tab is a small and…
To activate, type 'f' followed by a tab or space into the Omnibox. Then enter your term and press enter to submit.
Quickly search your team's Confluence at the press of a button. ...also, adds the shortcut 'con' to the Chrome omnibox.
Quickly search on www.aliexpress.com with browser address bar (omnibox), search on Aliexpress by image, photo or text on any pages
Adds support to the omnibox to search the AS3 reference docs.
Creates an incognito popup with the omnibox hidden.
Search MDN within Chrome omnibox itself
强制 Google Chrome 在使用地址栏(多功能框)搜索时使用 google.com 域名(类似于 Google NCR)
Simply type 'b {keyword}' in omnibox to open bookmark in current tab.
Search DuckDuckGo using the context menu option and omnibox.
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