“Context Search”相关的搜索结果
Right click on a selected text and choose the search website from the popup window or the context menu.
The context search for all of us: quick, easy & fully customizable. Perfect for translations, price comparisons, image searches,…
An enhanced context menu search. Add and customize multiple search engines to your context menu.
This extension adds a context menu to search the ESVBible.org site with selected text.
Quick search any selected text on any webpage by right click menu, on Aliexpress.com
Provides context menus to search for item stats on various sites.
Context search for Hummingbird
Jira Context Search
Context search the Athabasca University Library catalog, Google Scholar, and other academic search engines.
Right click on the selected text and select the search website from the context menu.
Quickly search selected text through the context menu
Context search word translation on e2u.org.ua site
Context search Russian to Ukraine word translation on r2u.org.ua site
Quickly lookup the highlighted text on Wikipedia
Adds a context menu item to search on Ecosia.org
Quickly lookup the highlighted text on Wiktionary
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