Play your downloaded videos on the Chromecast™ (any file type)
Video player with playlist and gallery. Watch local video files on your PC or Chromecast device!
Allows you to send any internet videos to Chromecast™
Plays local videos on Chrome/Chromecast (with subtitles) and playback control from your mobile device.
This extension finds videos on the web sites you are browsing and allows you to play them on your Chromecast device.
Open web videos in Chromecast or VLC
Casts videos in pages like youtube via MkChromecast
Transform any TV into a Picture Frame Slideshow with Music (MP3) by Streaming Local Photo Albums from PC to Google Cast & Chromecast
Cast media from Google Drive directly to a Chromecast device
This extension is made to let you Chromecast your photos.
Finds videos in the web page you're on and allows to send them to Chromecast.
Online Radio Player for Google Chrome™, Chromebook, and Chromecast
Split your screen and stream multiple tabs at once to your Chromecast Device
【更新情報】0.2525.3:全面改装 『ニコニコ動画をChromeCastする拡張 by 3846masa』
Cast Vimeo videos with ease (using VidCast) to your Chromecast/Android TV device
See if the Play Store App is compatible with Chromecast, Android Wear, Android Auto and/or Android TV.
Chrome browser plugin for Vbukit Chromecast
Displays copy of the mouse pointer on the page. Intended for use with Chromecast.
Cast from Chromecast-enabled apps to your TV.
Find videos on web sites and download or play them on Chromecast device. Put videos in the favorites tab
Adds slider to change ChromeCast volume on Pluto.TV
Cast DR TV programs to your Chromecast easily!
Make it easy to stream hulu to chromecast
Cast any video to your TV via Chromecast
LocalCast is the number one casting solution
Share images on a Chromecast
My screensaver for Chromecast images.
Listen to Bandcamp music on your TV via Chromecast
Listen to radio stations via YouTube videos. Use Chromecast for MTV experience. Genres: Blues, Country, HipHop, Jazz, Latin, Rock
A browser extension that will show your mouse for chromecast
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