Notion Pro Clipper lets you add webpages, emails, screenshots and images to your Notion workspace.
Clip information from web page. save to your local machine to avoid information invalidation.
Notes Station Clipper
This extension copies to clipboard URL, and Title for various formats. For link shareling with title or writing documentation.
This extension allows you to quickly import recipes to use in your Eat This Much meal plans.
Quickly save a bookmark or jot down a quick note into a particular WorkFlowy list
Clip web pages directly to Trello
Copy records from genealogy websites and save them to your RootsFinder tree.
Save article to UpNote app
A webclipper to download sites in markdown format. It is not guaranteed to work with all websites.
Capture leads from any webpage in just one click!
For interior and architecture designers to clip the product information from web to their specification list.
Quiver Web Clipper lets you clip web pages as Quiver notes. It also provides a clutter-free Reader View.
Collect links and fix coverage screenshots
Helps you get Salesforce.com Ids from records and links to your clipboard
This extension Allows quick conversion for any file to PDF from the task bar icon
Clip data, create new spreadsheets or access your recent files using Zoho Sheet's extension and web clipper
Save web clippings to Trilium Notes.
PasteWall Clipper - Post anything to PasteWall with a right-click
Add torrent and magnet links to your Bittorrent client's web interface.
Save and share anything you see on the web directly to Notejoy.
SlideShare toolkits to search, highlight and take notes!
This Sentieo extension helps you to use our Sentieo technology on other financial data websites.
Create your universal shopping wishlist in one place
Universal open source web clipper for Notion,OneNote,Joplin,Yuque,Bear,Github and more notes.
Easily clip product images and information to use in projects and packages for Mydoma Studio.
Quickly save any website article to ContentCal, using ContentCal Web Clipper.
Create spaced repetition flashcards linked to text and images on webpages and remember everything that you learn.
Highlight, tag and add notes across the Web.
A web clipper tool for Dropbox. Clips web contents directly to Dropbox Paper.
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