HTML & CSS & JavaScript Beautifier/Minifier
JavaScript & CSS Minifier tool that simplifies the merging and minifying process for multiple file sites
Replace minified jQuery references with fully documented version
A lite and free JavasScript, CSS and HTML minifier for your browser.
Scroll Inifintlty on your Upwork Website
A minified home screen.
Translate Web documents to Berlinisch, the dialect spoken in Berlin, Germany.
Tweaks for Wiktionary designed by a Latin student, for Latin students
APKUtils presents the tools to minify and beautify JavaScript, CSS and HTML codes.
Deletes enter spaces from code file
This extension mark twainifies the text on the page
Add a minified bookmarks toolbar to the context menu.
Remplace les apparitions de Marine, du FN et RBM de votre navigation. Ouf !
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