Top-rated, free text expander. Expands what you type, saving 7+ hrs/wk. 250,000+ users
Chrome extension to expand the number of search suggestions that are shown in the Amazon search bar.
Create custom keyboard shortcuts to expand and replace text as you type!
Huge Amazon & KDP search suggestion expander and one click download.
Quickly insert “snippets” – email addresses, signatures, code chunks, form letters – as you type, using custom abbreviations.
Expands the YouTube Video to fill your entire web browser Window.
Expands all images & webm's in a thread with the click of a button. Once expanded, you can choose to save all images into a folder.
Expand autodesk fusion360 learning website box.
TacticalExpander allows Tactical Arbitrage users (sold seperately) to find products from even more sites than TA supports by default
Font Expander for Chrome. Darker and clearer text on the pages.
Shorten and expand URLs with TinyW.in and upload images and screenshots to Phota.me
Automatically shows replies and new comments in Disqus discussions. Stops autoplay media and opens URLs in a new tab/window.
This app helps to learn English language. It displays new words from English-Chinese dictionary at the bottom of the page.
Create custom keyboard shortcuts to expand and replace text as you type!
ResultsExpander adds additional sponsored search results to all google searches.
Chrome extension to expand shortened URL's. The extension is designed to be non-intrusive. It will only expand URL's on demand.…
Expand your YouTube video player without going fullscreen or clicking any buttons. Launch Picture-in-Picture on all video sites.
Expands Salesforce schema builder to have more real estate to visualise
Takes the ticket submit buttons from the drop-up box in the Zendesk agent view and puts them into a button group instead.
Strelloids - Trello possibilities expander. Custom tags, colored lists, hiding the lists, scrum points, new views and much more.
Allows you to click on a Tinder profile image and to open it in a new tab
유튜브 영화관모드 확장 - Youtube screen expander on theater mode
Automatically expands too long mails in Gmail™.
Expand those Pesky URLs
Embeds the current YouTube video within the entire Chrome window.
Expand your vocabulary in easy way! ( WINDOWS ONLY )
Extension provide full screen version telegram.org
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