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Opens Google Schoolar.
Scholar H-Index Calculator enhances Google Scholar with bibliometric analysis tools and much more
Keyboard shortcuts for Google search, YouTube, Startpage, Brave Search, Google Scholar, Github, and Amazon.
An extension to help users expand their search queries on Google Scholar.
This extension searches for selected text on Google Scholar via right-click and shows the result on a new 'passive' tab
An extension to show code implementations from Papers with Code directly in Google Scholar.
Download paper from google scholar.
Quickly copy BibTex on Google Scholar with 1 click.
A tool to save Google Scholar results graphically
Adds probabilistic gender info to Google Scholar and PubMed searches
Puts a WARNING tag on some journals on Google Scholar and PubMed. Also allows filtering by impact factor on PubMed.
This extension keeps tracks of articles and citations in a Google Scholar profile, providing notification when updates happen.
Copy Bibtex from Google Scholar
This extension makes better use of Google Scholar for scholars.
Processes Google Scholar pages to fade results from 'predatory' or 'questionable' journals others identify.
Highlights retracted papers in Google Scholar™ and Web of Science™.
This extension works off Google Scholar result pages, allowing the user to view abstracts or other machine generated summaries.
Get Altmetric score for research papers in Google Scholar and Pubmed search results
Search Northwestern's collections, Google Scholar, or other libraries using WorldCat, without leaving your current page.
This extension estimates the H-Index of Computer Science Conferences by filtering papers returned by Google Scholar.
Arabic Transliterator searches Google Scholar for multiple English transliterations of Arabic words given an input of one…
Adds useful features for finding case law on Google Scholar.
This extension provides some additional bookmarking and sorting of google scholar results.
Google Scholar is a search engine which indexes data of researchers and scholars. It ranks the scholars based on metrics (e.g.…
An extension for generating permalinks to case law in Google Scholar, for use in citations.
Search history visualization via QueryCrumbs for Google Scholar
Enhances your experience in Google Scholar
Fix opening entries from Google Scholar profiles in new tabs.
Unlock achievements with your academic success and view them on Google Scholar!
Create systematic literature reviews and manuscripts with Voody by importing articles from Google scholar
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