“google scholar”相关的搜索结果
Context search the Athabasca University Library catalog, Google Scholar, and other academic search engines.
Create systematic literature reviews and manuscripts with Voody by importing articles from Google scholar
Unlock achievements with your academic success and view them on Google Scholar!
Makes the font color in Google Scholar black instead of the usual dark grey.
Add a count to your google scholar citations page.
Struggling to identify which papers were cited recently on your Google Scholar profile page? If so, this extension is for you.
Step 1: Search with meta-engines, e.g. Google Scholar. Step 2: Check the quality aspects of a selected publication with WikiLetters.
A Chrome extension for filtering authorship in Google Scholar profiles.
Save studies from Google Scholar to your State of K lists
OK google, please implement various sorting methods immediately.
Search Logger: Google, Google Patents, Google Scholar, Espacenet, The Lens, AusPat.
A reading list for Google Scholar
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