View and inspect HTTP headers for the current webpage request, including redirections and status codes.
Intercept Requests and add custom rules to modify request/response headers, block/redirect requests, modify query params.
Simple Modify headers
Modifies HTTP headers on the fly.
Automatically generate content security policy headers online for any website.
Displays the current tab’s HTTP request and response or a Live HTTP Headers tab showing a stream of requests and responses.
GNU Terry Pratchett. Show user when 'Clacks-Overhead' appears in HTTP headers.
Change Header, manage delete and add requests and response headers.
View the HTTP headers of the current page.
Alter your HTTP request headers on the fly
Inspect HTTP request headers, cookies, data, response Headers, cookies and add/modify request headers before sending requests
Checks robots.txt, meta robots, x-robots-tag with URL alerts. HTTP header info.
Chrome extension that allows the inspection of security aspects of a site's HTTP headers, cookies and other key security settings.
Removes Content-Disposition: attachment HTTP header to allow view files instead of downloading them. Extension icon acts as toggle.
A plugin that allows changing to the old header
UpdateHeader, manage delete and add requests and response headers.
一个可以自定义HTTP Header信息的Chrome插件,包括Referer访问来源、随机UA信息、随机IP地址。
Provides Do Not Track (DNT) request HEADER injector to opt in or out of universal tracking for ALL browser requests.
Developer tool to bulk set cookies from a standard cookie header string
Manages necessary CORS headers for usage with Jakcodex/Muledump.
View all HTTP/HTTPs traffic from your browser.
Provides details about Prebid bids and events. Includes BidFilter integration, allowing publishers to block unwanted ads.
Display the current (base page) http request and response headers on request
Allows forcing Cross-Origin Resource Sharing headers on any desired URL; helpful when accessing remote services from a local host.
Quickly distinguish which sandbox you're working in by setting up a distinctive header for each.
Allows CORS requests from your localhost to any API by setting 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *' header
Shows full date/time in groups listing and detail headers. Added support for custom date/time format.
Add cors headers to response header.
Allow any web page to be embedded as an iframe. Only local HTTP header manipulations. Compatible with modern web security standards.
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