Legally get full text of scholarly articles as you browse.
One-click access to millions of scholarly articles.
Hola ad remover is a free adblocker that blocks annoying ads, malware and tracking..
One-click download for files from open tabs, lists of URLs, or scholarly article PDFs from their associated DOI.
Unlimited Video Accelerator | Stream videos better Speed up videos, with one simple click. Hola video accelerator helps videos…
Summarizes research papers, creates interactive flashcards, highlights key points, links to open-access versions of each citation
💻 Get implementation code for machine learning research papers with code directly on Google, ArXiv, Scholar, Twitter, Github, etc.
Opens Google Schoolar.
Scholar H-Index Calculator enhances Google Scholar with bibliometric analysis tools and much more
Automatic check for full text, details, and metrics of scientific articles, plus comments, citations, fast sharing and more.
gScholar - FB - Ext,SS Fix
Keyboard shortcuts for Google search, YouTube, Startpage, Brave Search, Google Scholar, Github, and Amazon.
gScholar - FB - Ext,SS Fix
Chrome Extension for Academic Impact Analysis
An extension to show code implementations from Papers with Code directly in Google Scholar.
An extension to help users expand their search queries on Google Scholar.
This extension searches for selected text on Google Scholar via right-click and shows the result on a new 'passive' tab
Quickly view research on Semantic Scholar, the free, AI-powered academic search engine from the Allen Institute for AI (AI2).
Download paper from google scholar.
Quickly copy BibTex on Google Scholar with 1 click.
Education Bhaskar provides Dainik India Education News, useful articles, Exam Alerts, Scholarships, Recruitment, Question Papers
Browser Extension for Academic Impact Analysis
Copy BibTex from GScholar result page with 1 click!
Everytime you open a new tab, you see Nicholas Cage
Research smarter, not harder.
Imports scholarship details into user's account
This extension will turn any web page into a Nicholas Page, any website has a chance to play a Nicholas Cage soundbyte.
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