Get code for research/scientific papers on Google, Microsoft, Semantic Scholar and ArXiv.
When browsing for an article on scholar.google.com this extension will inform the user the chance of an article being free
O Lembrador te alerta quando você entra numa loja parceira do Cashola e para receber descontos e cashback!
Google chrome extension for monitoring scholarships.
A tool to save Google Scholar results graphically
I <3 Nicholas Cage
Adds probabilistic gender info to Google Scholar and PubMed searches
Translate Page and Text in Browser
This extension keeps tracks of articles and citations in a Google Scholar profile, providing notification when updates happen.
Puts a WARNING tag on some journals on Google Scholar and PubMed. Also allows filtering by impact factor on PubMed.
Copy Bibtex from Google Scholar
Beatifully crafted prayer times widget for your chrome landing page
Get Altmetric score for research papers in Google Scholar and Pubmed search results
This extension makes better use of Google Scholar for scholars.
The highly attractive and internationally approved weather extension.
Processes Google Scholar pages to fade results from 'predatory' or 'questionable' journals others identify.
Allows chrome to save your GT password, and provides easy access to online journal papers
View and add endorsements to scholarly articles
Highlights a link in a Google/GoogleScholar/Amazon/Youtube search if it is already open in another tab
Highlights retracted papers in Google Scholar™ and Web of Science™.
This extension works off Google Scholar result pages, allowing the user to view abstracts or other machine generated summaries.
Open Access Full Text Extension From AccessON get full text of scholarly articles as you browse.
A free ad remover that blocks annoying ads, malware and tracking.
Search Northwestern's collections, Google Scholar, or other libraries using WorldCat, without leaving your current page.
An open distributed search engine for science
This extensions tightly integrates BibSonomy with your browser.
Scholarships and Financial Aid for International Students
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