A simple Google Chrome extension for monkey testing based on gremlins.js
Group monkey helps you manage your group and turn it into a money machine.
It is a brilliant platform game that based on slashing the enemies and keep going on behind the adventure.
Show your password by turning ●●●●●● into plain, readable text.
Quick tab navigation. Jump to last tab (previous tab), bookmark tabs, jump jump!
Type and convert Burmese fonts quickly, effortlessly and easily. It works well on Facebook.
Search with Arctic Monkeys and get the lastest music News!
HD images of the popular indy rock music band Arctic Monkeys with every new tab.
a extension based version of https://github.com/marmelab/gremlins.js, also known as monkey testing.
Adds highlighting to Moodle assignment areas, allowing teachers to check for new submissions at-a-glance.
Includes HD wallpaper images from music group Arctic Monkeys on every new tab!
Find new and popular memes.
Install The Search Monkey Browser! - Open your new tab and see a beautiful new background, get the latest news update.
Enjoy funny animated monkeys every time you search the web.
Monkey D. Luffy wallpapers bring your chrome a new look and useful tools
Fixes copy/cut annoyances in GitHub
ההרחבה הזאת מתרגמת את הפקודות של קוד מאנקי לעברית
Double click on any element, edit the text and export an .html file. That simple. Created by Edenspiekermann_.
Executing a Script/CSS
Stops youtube from going into fullscreen when you press Ctrl+F. Credits to Adrien Pyke for his GreaseMonkey script.
Use this extension to add an item from any website to your MonkeyWish list.
לוחצים לחיצה ימנית על מילה, ושומעים את התרגום לעברית.
Keep track of pull requests you've viewed, approved, or rejected.
Automate order setup and configuration of MoPub and Google Ad Manager ad servers.
It is a great platform game that based on slashing the enemies and keep going on behind the adventure.
FavTab Monkeys - Best Monkey's images in a click of a button
Tampermonkey clone
ActiveMonkey helps people who sit and work on computers to maintain healthy habits and avoid the dangers of a sedentary job.
Passes card scans to SeaMonkey for processing
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