Take a screenshot. Record your screen. Take a scrolling screenshot. Find, share & edit your screenshot or screen record.
Rapid application screenshots in your browser! With page scrolling!
Removes annoying accidental slide scrolling behavior in Google Drive Presentations, Drawings, Calendar, etc.
With Super YouYube you can Read Comments while watching video, Control volume by scrolling over video.
Disable mouse middle click smooth scrolling (a.k.a auto scroll).
Get rid of that nasty horizontal scrolling, with inline images fitting Gmail's message area.
Stop doomscrolling and start exploring. Twemex is a browser extension that enhances Twitter and guides you to the best content.
This extension keeps the YouTube video playing in the corner of the screen when scrolling down the page to read the comments.
Extension for automatic scrolling websites with a lazy-load feature used (when you scroll up/down to get new records/items/news)
A quick and easy cure for Endless Scrolling Syndrome.
Scrolling Screenshot & Annotation Tool
Infinite Scrolling for Reddit.
Hands free reading by auto-scrolling the page
This extension attempts to optimise tumblr to prevent lag after a lot of scrolling.
Record your websites and automate scrolling and mouse actions for your portfolio screen captures.
Enhance your thingiverse.com experience with auto login, better infinite scrolling, a modern design and several bugfixes.
Add customized infinite scrolling to websites and auto load the next page. Supports the AutoPagerize Database. (Beta)
Visual aid for scrolling web pages.
Read news articles with minimal distraction and scrolling.
This extension allows you to automate page scrolling
Enables infinite scrolling on Instagram
This extension auto scroll down on tabs and switch to the next when it reaches the bottom of the current tab. ©Copyright CyonTech.ca
Adds smooth scrolling for the middle button auto-scroll and improves the UI.
Fix position:fixed by adding transform:translateZ(0) to element. For smooth scrolling with 60fps.
Go to Facebook just for WORK, but then be distracted by Newsfeed?. "Stop Scrolling Newsfeed" is here to help you GET BACK to WORK!
Disable jumping from month to month in Google Calendar when scrolling.
This extension refreshes the visual style of Hacker News and adds a few features, like infinite scrolling. Everything is toggleable.
This extension will display and refresh your SalesForce dashboards in a fullscreen scrolling window.
No more scrolling down the page when you hit the spacebar on YouTube
Auto scrolling videos in TikTok with full screen option
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