The Fluig Identity plugin allows you to log into a wide variety of web based applications.
Signle Sign On for web and desktop applications.
Identify the fonts and typefaces in a web page.
A chrome plugin to identify fonts on websites & web pages.
ONTO Wallet: A Multi-Chain Identity Wallet
Now you can easily identify any font on the page.
Identify Advertisements Using Perceptual Techniques
Identifies which Prince Edward Island township lot, from the original 1765 survey of the Island, you are standing in.
Control the user agent identity reported by your browser.
This extension provides you with a unique client ID
Extension qui propose des liens vers les ressources à partir des identifiants documentaires.
Extensia ajută la identificarea expresiilor legate de coronavirus și adaugă peste acestea un infobox cu surse oficiale de informare.
Find and Identify! Recognizes any music playing on any website in your browser.
Quickly resolve digital object identifiers to their web destinations
Pick the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) of any product on Amazon in the same way you pick a color in Photoshop!
Identify web technologies & get emails behind any website


Create random identities and sign up to any site in a matter of seconds! Reggy also includes a built-in form filler
Easily locate and identify mixed content on any HTTPS site.
Provides Form-Fill SSO capabilities when used with Identity Automation’s RapidIdentity product
A browser extension that identifies Amazon brands and exclusives while you shop online.
The simple and easy way to view personally identifiable information (PII) in Google Analytics.
Quick identification of Amazon products with shipping restrictions
From The Creator Of GBFRaiders, A Chrome Extension That Shows A List Of Current Raids For GBF Right In Your Browser
Identify an element’s CSS selector to drive your AppDynamics Synthetic Browser Monitoring or Selenium WebDriver scripts
Must-have Dropshipping tool to identify winning products on AliExpress.
Audit tealium tags on page load and links. Identify utag data,view and link calls. Check data type of each data element
Identify fonts from websites that appeal to you
Make payments and use your Lightning identity in the browser
Secure identity vault for Adshares network.
Oracle Identity Cloud Service Secure Form Fill Plugin
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