Allows you to watch videos and read comments at the same time on Youtube.
Hides the annoying Amazon™ cart/basket sidebar.
The power of Infusionsoft from the comfort of your email inbox. View, edit, and tag contacts. Manage opportunities, tasks & more!
Redditor best friend. Enhancement Suite and Sidebar for Reddit and Subreddit. Lite, Mini and Light version for Chrome.
Pipechat is a Chrome Extension that adds a Pipedrive sidebar to WhatsApp Web. With Pipechat, you can quickly add the most…
Preview links in a sidebar instead of a new tab.
A tree-view bookmark sidebar which allows for easier navigation
Extends the Developer Tools, adding a sidebar that allows images, fonts, stylesheets, and scripts to be batch downloaded.
Adds a little Browser-Button which opens a Window in which you can order, arrange and highlight Tabs and Windows and much more
Removes the annoying sidebar from within a Facebook™ app
This extension for Google Apps Script allows you to change the order of the tabs and files in the main editor and in the sidebar.
A sidebar pane for Tailwind CSS classes
Extends the Developer Tools, adding a sidebar that displays information about the gradients applied to the inspected element.
Extends the Developer Tools, adding a sidebar that displays colors used on a website and allows to manage them.
Extends the Developer Tools, with a sidebar that shows scope data for selected element and adds a new panel to show scope elements
A better to-do list sidebar for Canvas.
Write down immediately what matters to you while you're reading on the net. Easily organize and improve your findings with others.
Choose what to hide in Twitter - sidebars (live video, who to follow, trends), notifications, activity (comments, likes) and more!
A serendipity engine on the Twitter sidebar.
Extends the Chrome Devetools by adding a sidebar that displays the number of active timeouts and intervals.
Shows Bookmarks, History, any Website or Google Search in Chrome Developer Tools Sidebar Panels.
Use style to your cells. To apply a style, select cells and click the style in the sidebar.
This extension shows the publishing or uploading date of related youtube videos in sidebar.
Inject an APN sidebar on the current tab when the page action is clicked
Make unlisted YouTube Playlists by dragging thumbnails into the sidebar.
Remove the feed and sidebar on YouTube to free up your time
AWS Console Navigation Sidebar for Chrome
Extends the Developer Tools, adding a sidebar that displays the Sencha data associated with the selected DOM element.
Toggle the project navigator sidebar open and closed
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