secure and speed up your web connections.
Easy to use Spritz-type speed reader. Just select text and double tap shift!
This extension adds fine-grained playback speed control on HTML5 videos.
Speedy screen shot sharing via Yabumi
An assistant for yeezysupply.com. It monitors for the latest drop and can assist in a speedy checkout.
Quick and easy Amazon search - only 1 click or a shortcut to search Amazon products.
Speedy is a video playback speed modifier! Fast-forward or slow down any HTML5 video element by accessing the extension's menu.…
Speedytest allows you to always know how fast you browse
A speedy reader for chrome.
Enjoy cool GIFs of The Avengers movie every time you search the web.
Allows changing the playback speed of content.
A simple notepad extension for Google Chrome (totally not for cheating on tests)
Speedy-Video Extension: Control video playback speed with keyboard shortcuts
Lightning Tab - Make it Speedy
Speedy Race - crazy racing, where your goal is to be faster than your oponents. It reminds me real race.
Speedy Booking with Beehive
Let you read texts speedy on websites
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