Page performance 插件

Page performance

用户数 : 2000

最后更新时间 : 2014-05-29

分类 : 开发者工具

扩展大小 : 45.48KiB

版本 : 1.0.1

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This extension is a hack that provides a quick analysis, of page performance, on a modern Chrome browser. If multiple tabs are open, the extension automatically provides performance analysis for the page on the active tab. All timings are displayed in ms. The analysis is organized in sections:

Value displayed on the icon:
Once a page is loaded, the value of the icon changes to first paint time for that page, from the start time, otherwise it displays "perf". 

W3C Navigation Timings analysis (in order, all times in ms):
This section provides analysis, based on navigation timings of the page, of the page lifecycle from start to load. The sum of all the displayed values is the onload time.
A bar chart is also shown, that displays the % of time consumed to the total sum.

W3C Resource Timings analysis (in order, all times in ms):
This section lists the resource timing details of the object, that took the longest time, prior to DomContentLoaded event. The DomContentLoaded indicates when CSSOM is ready, hence this resource lies in the critical path of the page.
The name of the resource, displayed, is restricted to last 12 characters of the resource.

Render Timings milestones, since navigation start (all times in ms):
This section lists important events in the lifecyle of the page, and the time at which the event occurred from the page start.

Connection Info:
This section lists the protocol, and the origin, of the page.

This section lists the total external javascript files, referenced in this page, and then specifically those async files that are not on the page origin. This could mean these are potentially 3rd party files, prone to SPOF. 

Run diagnostic checks:
This section enables to conduct further diagnostic checks, using tools like WPT, SPOF-O-Matic, and Page Speed Insights.

Thanks to Ilya Grigorik, Pat Meenan, Daniel Lucks
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