WME Toolbox 插件

WME Toolbox

用户数 : 8325

最后更新时间 : 2019-11-13

分类 : 开发者工具

扩展大小 : 891KiB

版本 : 1.8.18

- Layers menu with following features:
	- Highlight of level-locked segments
	- Highlight of manual locks (greater, equal, less than automatic lock)
	- Highlight segments with positive or negative elevation
	- Highlight of segments with house numbers
	- Highlight of named streets without any house number
	- Highlight of segments/nodes with time restrictions
	- Highlight of loops
	- Highlight of roundabouts which may cause issues
	- Highlight unconfirmed turns
	- Highlight of U-Turns
	- Highlight of reverse connections
	- Highlight of Dead-end loops
	- Highlight of soft turns
	- Highlight of TTS override instructions
        - Highlight of simple segments (which have unneeded geometry nodes)

- Toolbar with following features:
	- Function to hide the left sidebar
	- Configuration panel for the plugin options
	- Quick access to keyboard shortcuts editor
	- Select segments panel to enable multi-selection based on filters
	- Properties editor panel to modify several segments at a time
	- Copy segment attributes
	- Clear road geometry
	- Cut segment in two
	- Select all roundabout segments
	- Redo a roundabout
	- Convert a roundabout to a standard road
	- Draw landmark inside a roundabout (to give it a name)
	- Select segments in place or map comment area
	- Suppress unneeded junctions on screen
	- Suppress unneeded geometry nodes on screen
	- Delete expired restrictions (past ending date) on screen
	- Auto fix loops
	- Autofix unconfirmed turns
	- Auto remove toll attribute on non freeway/ramp segments
	- Auto fix reverse connections, dead-end and unterminated roads
	- Auto fix u-turns

- And more:
	- Popups to help new editors on basic editing
	- Option to hide user greetings on the left sidebar
	- Option to force fullscreen
	- New shortcuts for Toolbox features
	- Enable shortcuts on numpad
	- Pan the map from screen size

Access to individual features depends on user rank and country of editing
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