Magento 2 Review Reminder Extension 插件

Magento 2 Review Reminder Extension

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Magento Reminder 2 Extension Review is a great solution for your shop to increase conversion rates and booster sales. By enabling automatic posting to customers who have purchased a product from the store, you can save time and get more reviews from them. The more reviews you get, the more trustworthy the store is, the more important it is for customers to decide what to buy from your store.
---How to buy and read more extension

---How Review Reminders extension work

The Magento 2 Review Reminder allows for automatic notification of customers who have purchased a product from the store. Reminders are controlled by rules and rule conditions. Therefore, for customer segments, store owners can use store and customer views. For product terms, there are various types of products, shopping cart conditions and product attribute conditions. For example, one could specify a rule that would target the main store view and that a customer from a general group purchased a new product two weeks ago. It will help get reviews for new products. If the customer has left a review no email will be sent to save trouble. Finally, more and more customers are judged to be more lively and trustworthy.

---Benefits of using review reminder

***Building trust
Getting more reviews helps build new customer trust in the store and brand

SEO reviews help build page weight for search engines, improve SEO

***Save time
Once set up, review reviews are sent automatically

---Feature highlights

*Flexible email chain configuration
*Pre-made email templates
*Personalize Emails Easily
*Support Google Analytics UTM
*Email Logs
*Report: Sent emails, Errors, Send again, Preview
*Compatible with SMTP

--Accurate targeting screens
Store views, customer groups, shopping carts, and product attribute conditions are available to reach customers with individual emails.

--Schedule email
Send email reminders with any convenient delays

--Prompts in a row
Be sure to reach customers with consecutive reminders canceled automatically if the rating is set

--Rich Text
Enrich email layouts and find with the help of WYSIWYG editor. No HMTL knowledge required

--Letter of mail
Keep track of all emails that are sent and scheduled and take action whenever requested

--Mass Action Screens
Send, cancel or delete multiple emails from the mail log at any time

--Configurable email chain flexibility
Review the reminder extension for administrators to store flexible email string configurations. Time templates, specific senders and emails can easily be placed in the backend.
Email logs
--magento 2 email reminders reminder
Store and track all sent and scheduled emails and take action whenever requested. Storage administrators can delete emails, e-mail them, or preview emails

With this feature, online stores can track metrics like sent emails and errors. Reports can be displayed for a specific time period.

--Google Analytics support
Magento 2 Review the google analytics reminder
Integrated with Google Analytics, this feature helps administrators track and identifies where shoppers get links back to the product page.
Other features
Personalized email

--Email reminders appear as personal emails

--Delete records

Delete all recorded review emails in bulk.

--Compatible with SMTP

Review The Reminder utility works perfectly with SMTP

--Google Analytics

Detects where the link to the product review was clicked

--Track email

Keep track of email delivery with email logs


Store administrators can select specific items that need to be reviewed
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