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最后更新时间 : 2017-04-07

分类 : 搜索工具

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The Tubeacca website makes it easy for those who publish YouTube music videos to create and upload to YouTube versions of their videos with lower quality audio and video. These reduced-quality versions are made public, while the original high-quality versions are made unlisted (unsearchable). For each video, publishers set a list of eligibilities that give people access to the high-quality version. An eligibility may be a subscription to a music streaming service, possession of an iTunes track associated with the video, or a code distributed with physical media or at events. The aim is to give people an incentive to buy music.

The descriptions of reduced-quality videos have a link to a page where an eligibility can be verified. Once verified, the user is given access to the high-quality version by having it added to a playlist in their YouTube channel.

This extension makes it easier to access your high-quality video entitlements:

1. Links to the public reduced-quality versions in YouTube search results are replaced with links to the high-quality versions, so a normal click-through will bring up the high-quality version.

2. An "RQ" link is added to high-quality video-view pages, and a "HQ" link is added to reduced-quality video-view pages, making it easy to switch between them to see comments, etc.

3. Links to the reduced-quality versions around the Web are replaced with links to the high-quality versions.

4. Embeds of reduced-quality versions around the Web have an "HQ" link superimposed (the HQ versions may not be embeddable).
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