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最后更新时间 : 2020-02-16

分类 : 搜索工具

扩展大小 : 243KiB

版本 : 0.7

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Power and easy-to-use search - multiple search engines in one click, phrase search, search in a specific site, search for files of a specific file type and way more.
It's easy, extremely convenient and highly configurable. Give it a try!
Let me know if you want other functions added.

Note: During initialization the extension will create a 'SearchSK' bookmark folder under 'Other Bookmarks' and populate it with search and translation URLs. Please modify this folder according to your needs, there are plenty of pre-configured URLs on the support site.

You can you help support extension continued development by making a small contribution:


    Search using pre-configured bookmarks. There are default search\translate\dictionary bookmarks and in addition you can create your own. A lot of pre-configured bookmarks are available on the support site. It is extremely power tool and you can fully adopt it to your own needs - use it for everything from image search to currency convertor.
    Search text stored in the history, top N results can be shown on the search panel.
    Perform a search in a specific site (if supported by search engine).
    Search for files of a specific file type (if supported by search engine).
    Right mouse button click performs a search with quoted selected text aka 'phrase search'.
    Middle mouse button click performs search and highlight all occurrences of search term.
    Crtl+left mouse button click on search engine changes current search engine - quite helpful if you want to see suggestions from other than default search engine.
    Double click on history item or suggestions performs a search using default search engine.

The extension is also available for Firefox at

SearchSK will send entered text to search engines in order to get suggestions. Please read their privacy policies.

Thank you for being interested in SelectionSK. Please submit your suggestions and report issues on

You can contribute by helping translate SelectionSK on Crowdin:
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