Kindle Smart Reader.
Upload Paperbacks and Kindle eBooks to KDP platform has never been so Easy
Export Kindle Highlights and clippings to Notion easily.
Powered by Google TTS (Text to Speech), turns your Kindle ebooks into audible books
Send Wattpad™ story's to your Amazon™ Kindle device or download it as Epub, PDF or Mobi.
Downloads Also Bought, Also Viewed and Also Read data, as well as Top 100s and Hot New Releases from the Amazon Kindle Store
Free Kindle Books, Free Nook Books, Free Kobo Books are directly in your browser
Kindle Cloud Readerで、Dictionary.comの代わりにWeblioのリンクを表示するようになります。
Free Kindle Books are directly in your browser
Chrome extension to be used with Apollo Sync Mobile Apps on iOS/Kindle Fire.
Tools for an enhanced experience with the Kindle Cloud Reader, including clipboard and translate functionality.
Book Organizer For Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) by Amazon.
Helps selecting and copying your kindle highlights from kindle.amazon.com website
Plugin per Amazon Libri/Kindle e Audible
Share web pages, images, and links with Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google+, email, and Kindle.
Are you want to read kindle books with Kindle Cloud Reader? Visit Offered by website link.
Saves web page or any text to your Kindle
Push news articles, blogs posts and other web content to Kindle devices.
Organizing your Kindle Highlight、Bookmark and Notes so easy.
Kindle Book Deals, Nook Book Deals and Kobo Book Deals are directly in your browser


Free Kindle Children Books are directly in your browser
Note Extractor makes is possible to write 30 page papers in 3 hours. It just takes four steps. 1. Outline your paper. 2. Export…
Display the "View Kindle Edition" button if there's Kindle edition of books in Amazon's wish lists.
Enjoy your reading experience when you install Kindle Tools and begin reading on the Kindle Cloud Reader.
We'll Write Your Articles, Blog Posts, Press Releases, eBooks, Kindle Books, Amazon Reviews, Cover Letters, And More!
Post webpage to kindle directly by using kindleit
A chrome plugin that export kindle notes to a notion compatible csv file.
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