Used in conjunction with the GradeCam plugin to enable the teacher gradebook transfer feature. See http://gradecam.com
This is an extension designed to monitor https://www.prolific.co/ for new studies and alert you when it finds them. Features -…
Pick a default audio output device. Only works for HTML5
Allows https://youtube.com/tv to load YouTube™ TV App from regular browser
Productivity extension for Amazon NOTES: * Purchase a license key here - https://dmitry.artamoshkin.com/ds/buy.html * It's a…
Download fragmented media files with HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) downloader.
ReqBin HTTP Client to send HTTP API requests to the localhost and servers on your local network.
WebRTC Desktop Sharing for saypage — http://www.saypage.com
KeePass integration for browsers using KeePassHttp
Add, modify or remove a header for any request on desired domains.
Capture full-screen or specific application's screen on any HTTPs domain!
View the HTTP headers of the current page.
Chrome poster is a developer tool that allows you to interact with http server
X-Forwarded-For Header是一款可以使您可以快速设置X-Forwarded-For HTTP标头的Chrome插件。
Monitor all HTTP/HTTPs traffic from your browser.
RESTMan is a browser extension to work on http requests.
View all HTTP Requests and Responses sent between the Web browser and the Web server.
Log, edit and send HTTP requests
Used with Hitachi IDM Suite (http://hitachi-id.com) software only
基于 Octotree 的[码云](http://gitee.com)文件树插件
Create, edit and send HTTP requests. Run API tests, validate HTTP responses and measure API performance.
Setup custom redirect rules for any http request i.e pages, scripts, images etc. Uses a simple string replace to do this.
This extension blocks HTTP Request based on configurable URL patterns.
HLS Player - m3u8 HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Player
This extension allows http://*.set.rn.gov.br/ to access certfications and hardware tokens via a native message host app.
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