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Easily arrange your Chrome tabs in layouts of tiled sub-windows.
Smart Tab Saver, your smart tab manager
Search engine for chrome tabs. Increase productivity by quickly navigating through your open tabs. MacOs Spotlight for chrome tabs.
Smart Tab Manager assists users to manage their Chrome tabs efficiently.
Manage great amounts of windows and tabs at ease.
An open source tab manager for Chrome
This is a tool to manage tab that is currently open on a single screen.
Instantly hide and restore your open tabs.
This extension allows you to manage your tabs by grouping them for later consumption
Visual chrome tab manager that respects your context.
Search your tabs.
See all the open tabs on your devices! Easily transition from reading on your phone or ipad to reading on your computer. Click…
TabSpace is an easy to use, robust tab manager that displays your tabs in a simple view, and allows you to organize and save them.
Vaux Tab Manager and Window Organizer
Organize, save & share your tabs for easy collaboration with Blixem.
The holy grail of tab managers
Your all-in-one tab manager for chrome.
Manage tabs inside fullscreen mode
Manage your chrome tabs with keyboard shortcuts.
A simple Tab Manager. List , Copy, Reload, and Closes Opened tabs in a Google Chrome Window in a single click
This extension helps you manage your tabs
Chrome Tab Manager, Limit the number of active tabs opens, keep unused tabs off screen
Pin Tabs allows the user to pin one or more tabs for short periods, keep track of the expired tabs in the history and save energy
Chrome Task and Tab manager
The best tab manager you've never used!
Reactive tab manager
Call upon the strength of Yoshi to close useless tabs
Quickly select,delete and switch tabs
Preview, Rename, Reorder and Search for your tabs from a central location
Multi-window vertical tab manager. save and restore tabs & windows with auto-saver. Never forget why this tab left open?
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