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A simple and clean start page project. Containing notes and customizable items
Customize the new tab with multiple websites in one tab
Keep all your monkey compiles running in one tab.
Helping make the world a better place, one tab at a time.
one tab, more page.
Closes any previously opened tabs with the same URL as current page
Extension that prevents opening multiple tabs for one hostname
Keep all your CerberusX compiles running in one tab. Also supports MonkeyX... and Treebeard!
Save on Flights, Hotels, Tickets, Tours, Cars, and Transfers - all on one tab!
A chrome extension which forces you to focus by only allowing one tab per window.
One tab to find and rule all newtab. It allows you to run in your new tab chrome extensions that override the newtab
GitHub issues open in a new tab. One tab per issue. Page title has issue number first.
Learn about Women in STEM, one tab at a time
Just One Tab is a free Google Chrome extension that forces you to single-task.
Let only one tab has voice
Restricts you to one tab per URL. Automatically closes old tabs with the same url once you open a new one.
Group several tabs within only one tab
Closes and lists your recent tabs is one page
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