A new friend in every tab.
Snooze your tabs for later!
Fewer tabs for better focus and productivity - Your simple ecological tab manager
A new face in each new tab.
Manage great amounts of windows and tabs at ease.
An advanced tab session manager for Chrome
Brighten your day with a cat picture every time you open a tab.
Favicons with cats
Too many tabs? Tabby helps you saving energy, quickly cached, shortcut and sync are supported.
A Chrome extension to replace your new tabs with a simple javascript codepad and console
Brings cat. Press Shift + Backquote together to reveal cats.
To start tabbycat type 'f' then a tab or space into the Omnibox. Then Type in whatever you want and click enter to put it in.
Extension to search for and switch between tabs in seconds with a simple shortcut
Image Tabby is an extension that can be summed into two parts. The gallery and the tile view. The gallery acts like a normal photo…
Tabby is a minimalistic new tab page packed with time, date and a refreshing new wallpaper every minute.
A simple Chrome extension to reign in those with bad tabits.
Extensions for Backstabbr
Learn a new English word now.
GrayTabby is the open source tab archiver, with support for lots of browsers! See source code at…
Closes unattented tabs.
Organize yours tabs!
Quickly manage all the tabs across different windows with simplicity!
Notes taking extention with tabs using local storage
Automatically reload tabs that have crashed, or have been sat around for a while. Handy for Kiosk mode where access is limited.
Easily add BookMarks to Tabby from Chrome!
javascript can close chrome tab through chrome extension
Tab Organizer
A motivational quote for every new tab!
This extension lets you pin links to your new tab page
Feature-filled new tab page for your web browser!
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