Capture entire page from top to the bottom entirely.. at once
A very simple grid system overlay pluggin.
De fijnste 3FM radiospeler. Eén knop voor je favoriete radiostation. Met high quality stream en pirate graphics, arrr!
chatbot extension for drrr.com
Boop beep bop beep boop bop beep boop ppprrrrrrrttttttt prrt eet prtt eeeeeeeeeeeeeee prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtttt grrrr wee ooo wee ooo wee
chatbot extension for drrr.com
Restez informé sur les streams de Taourrr
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An extension to summarize the text !
A quick ranking for traction of Dribbble shots.
chatbot extension for drrr.com
Appends every dribbble shot with the percentage of viewers who liked it.
Because my fingers got tired
Browser extension that replaces images with similar images showing cats
Make things Prrrrrutty
Check si votre streameur favori (Arthur) est en live
This extension is directed for medium/small streamers
Includes HD wallpaper images of band Riot Grrrl on every tab background.
a better reading experience for google reader
Redirects github.com pull request pages to review.rocks
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