This adds the Solarized Light theme to your devtools. Some brief setup time is required, as this is a non-standard theme for…
This extension finds all posted setups in the current thread and lists them for download
Setup background image on Azure Portal, highlight empty resource groups, mask your username and Azure AD tenant name
Full-screen code editor, Standard page layouts instead of VF overrides, link to an object's tab from the object's setup page.
God Damnit Salesforce
Salesforce lightning setup goodized.
Download all Apex logs filtered by user WARNING: Only works in classic / setup screen/ Descarga todos los registros de depuración…
Salesforce Productivity
This extension will provide you steps to Setup and Activate your Software Application
Space Wars Mission gives you the game directly in your chrome, no special setup required. just install the extension and enjoy!
Setup custom redirect rules for any http request i.e pages, scripts, images etc.
Automate repetitive tasks with minimum setup time!
Allows you to setup a slideshow of webpages as your new tab page.
Primo Toolbox provides a setup of tools to help you have a better understanding of the underlying records and troubleshooting the…
Get image descriptions for a better internet experience without any setup!
Automatically add active players to the current roster in an ESPN NHL fantasy league.
Show Facebook video view count
This will Block Profile Setup Icons and App launcher in Salesforce lightning application
Do quick style checks on your page after it renders, without leaving your browser, and with minimal friction to setup.
Setup the meeting calendar using google calendar.
This extension is for making self destructing short links, also you can setup your own shortener service,…
Automate order setup and configuration of MoPub and Google Ad Manager ad servers.
Save various templates to make updates look better and less tedious to setup!
FAR Consulting Middle East offers company formation in all over UAE.
Toggle between Standard, Custom and All fields while on the Fields and Relationship page in setup in the Lightning in Salesforce.
Before we get into the nuts and bolts of setting up your guitar Ill show you the basic hand tools needed for all general guita
Rival Workspace Manager handles rapid workspace setup with multi-monitor support.
Zero-setup adblock tool with supreme defaults - best filters, no acceptable ads.
Easily setup notifications for your OLX searches and queries, and be notified when new ads come up. (Unofficial extension).
Please Properly setup Aria2 before using this extension. Features - Replace browser default download manager with Aria2 - Add,…
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