Extract, edit, and evaluate XPath queries with ease.
Hide your geographic location from websites.
Provide right-click menu to manually set character encoding for web pages.
Improve your skills on your own, effectively and enjoyably, by watching videos in the language you study.
Find employee email addresses for any company and display useful contextual data for anyone who emails you.
Translate and learn languages while browsing and watching movies, it’s free.
Nuance PowerMic Web Extension for Chrome
The fastest and simplest ad blocker. Blocks all ads including Facebook and video ads. Added security guards against online threats.
Translate words & phrases from websites quickly. Add to your personal dictionary on Lingualeo.com and learn foreign languges easily!
Virtual turntables in a neat package
EQualizer, Bass Booster, Sound Booster
On screen virtual keyboard for touch devices, chromebook, and secure typing on desktop devices.
Auto HD quality for Youtube videos. Optimal video quality is selected based on your screen size.
L'actualité et les offres de smartphones et d'Internet mobile sur le réseau n°1 à l'ouverture de votre navigateur !
With this extension, new tabs display a blank page instead of the usual new tab page with thumbnails.
Actualizate en tus series favoritas y sus nuevos Capitulos
The Virtual Piano is an online piano, play piano online and learn piano online
Adds code intelligence to GitHub, GitLab, and other hosts: hovers, definitions, references. For 20+ languages.
Direct download APK file and install the app manually onto your Android devices.
This extension assist you to visualize JSON response from any website or API request in your browser. It introduces you with…
Find and remove duplicated bookmarks manually and in batches, get rid of broken bookmark links and empty folders.
Virtual backgrounds for Google Meet是一款专门为谷歌浏览器用户设计的允许在Google Meet通话期间将图像用作背景的Chrome插件。
An easy-to-use tab reloader with custom reloading time for individual tabs and more!
Provides Chrome browser integration for the official LiveReload apps (Mac & Windows) and third-parties like guard-livereload and…
Change video quality, Control video speed, Upload custom subtitles and much more - Make Your Experience on Netflix More Enjoyable.
Now everyone on the team can own quality. Capture findings, create issues, and collaborate with the team, directly from the browser.
Meow is a virtual Cat pet who walks on your screen while you're browsing the web.
Audio equalizer with sound presets. It’s a sound equalizer and volume booster with audio settings helps to increase the volume
Equalizer for your Chrome. Customize your sound by 10 bands, equalizer presets with all music genres and a bass booster feature.
Virtual Browser for Chrome!(works on Mac/ChromeBook/Linux; Runs Internet Explorer (IE6 - IE11) / Java / Silverlight / ActiveX)
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