Quickly access EXIF data of your photos
Quick access to EXIF data of any image you view
A simple tool to read the Exif data from your JPG images!
Shows EXIF information on the image when the mouse is over!
View photo EXIF and GPS Data in ur Chrome.
This extension adds an element to the contextual menu to open images in a metadata (EXIF) viewer.
EXIF data, Histograms, Pixel Picker, Zoom...
Display EXIF overlay on images. Again!
Get image info for images, including EXIF data


EXIF viewer for the modern Web
It checks the geotag information which is embedded in a jpeg file.
View all images on a page and expose image properties, EXIF data, and one-click download. Exposed via the right-click context menu.
Connect to your Plex account and see if you own media while browsing popular websites like IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, and more!

Exif Spy

Shows place at Google Maps for images with GEO data.
Open image in ExifShot to capture, design and export photo metadata as useful graphics other photographers can learn from.
Shows camera settings from Exif when floating the mouse over a photo
This little chat helper will give you options to change Twitch chat for easier reading. Darkmode fix included.
Get image info for images, including EXIF data
Overleaf symbol recognition
Displays crop factor, 35mm equivalent & angular field of view on Flickr EXIF meta info pages.
Remove Any Image Exif Data with Just a Click
Bu eklenti ile resimlerinizin exif verilerini okuyun. Resimlere tıklayarak resimlerinizin exif verilerini okuyabilirsiniz veya…
Get image info for images, including EXIF data
Get image info for images, including EXIF data
Brexify changes occurrences of the word "exit" to "Brexit"
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