在线购物时,通过 Avast 提供的价格比较和优惠券扩展功能,寻找最划算的价格、交易和优惠券。
The fastest and safest web browsing experience.
Norton Safe Web provides protection from online threats while you browse the web.
Your surfing made private and secure
在线购物时,通过 AVG 提供的价格比较和优惠券扩展功能,寻找最划算的价格、交易和优惠券。
Free Video Downloader. Video Downloader Plus Safety and fast download any video format
Trustnav prevents you from accessing dangerous websites and blocks unwanted ads.
Experience a cleaner, safer web.
Coinbase Wallet extension is the safest and easiest way to use crypto apps in your browser.
Protect your students with manageable Google Workspace for Education features
Protect your digital privacy and enjoy safe browsing experience
FortiClient web security plug-in helps block malicious, objectionable and phishing websites ensuring a safe browsing experience.
Safe Site helps block harmful and malicious URLs to improve your internet experience and keep you safe.
Provides two search profiles for parents and children respectively to keep the family’s search activities separated and safe.
Access safety indicators on your search results page to avoid harmful sites with our Search extension.
Fast and safe access Vkontakte and the rest of your favorite websites
The safe way to access your personal mail.
Extension for reporting suspicious sites to Safe Browsing.
Control, moderate and filter your browsing activity.
Control, moderate and filter your browsing activity.
Blocks unsafe sites
Enables printing from the Google Chrome browser to YSoft SAFEQ.
Displays SitesRank Scores of domains in the autocomplete suggestions of the Chrome address bar.
Search safely online by enabling Norton Safe Search Enhanced as your default search provider for maximum protection on Chrome.


Easily and safely install local CRX files in Chrome
Record who attended a Google Meet session in Safe browsing mode
Hiro Wallet is a safe way to manage your STX, sign into apps, and protect your funds while interacting with Clarity smart contracts.
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