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[For Dafang Hacks Camera Page] Detect if it's dark using image analysis and if so turn on night mode (IR Led on and IR Cut off).
An extension to save your eyes! Automatically make Twitter's night mode turn on and off at sunset and sunrise.
Night mode for Google protects your eyes by changing the theme of Google sites design to a more pleasant night surfing experience.
Bring night mode to all website
This extension adds a Night Mode to SLIVER's website.
A simple calculator extension for Chrome, with day and night mode setting.
Night mode for all your favorite popular websites. Nightridr automatically makes pages dimmer and colored for night-time viewing.
Switch to Quora night mode so that your eye do not strain much.
Etsy Night Mode / Dark Mode is a browser add-on that will switch colors of Etsy.com
Night mode for Late night owls
Bestbuy Night Mode is a browser add-on that will switch colors of bestbuy.com
NIGHTMODE turns Google search page in night mode by updating the css of the page.
Walmart Night Mode / Dark Mode is a browser add-on that will switch colors of walmart.com
Night Mode for Hacker News (news.ycombinator.com)
Enables night mode for PagalGuy.
Dark/Night mode for Bitclout! @gideonw
Customizable night mode theme for Facebook™
Only two buttons. Simply switch between day and night mode for the active tab. Works for offline PDFs too!
Enable night mode for websites
Get the experience of using BitClout.com to a new level with your favourite Dark Night Mode.
Change the look of your webpage into night mode by just clicking on the extension button. You can also go back to the previous…
It is a night mode for reader. It darkens all the websites you visit so that you can browse without straining your eyes
Unlocks Twitter's night mode on desktop


A Simple and quick Night Mode extension for lightweight websities sities
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