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Extension to watch HBOMax in Picture in Picture mode. Enables a separate floating window to enjoy your favorite video content.
Allow you to create a Picture In Picture for any tabs using streaming as PIP video
Extension to watch Hulu in Picture in Picture mode. Enables a separate floating window to enjoy your favorite video content.
Watch videos such as Anime, HLS, MP4, Youtube, Twitch, Netflix and many others while playing games or working on other applications.
Speed up, slow down, advance, rewind, picture in picture any HTML5 video with quick shortcuts. And show statistic.
Universal Picture in Picture button/shortcut for Chrome.
Allows you to watch video while browsing the web with Picture-in-Picture mode
Changes themes, dark themes for Facebook and Adds Picture in Picture mode
Provide PIP function for Youtube, Bilibili and so on.
The perfect tool for opening videos in Picture in Picture
유튜브 영상 가리기, 귀여운 고양이 Progress Bar, Picture in Picture 퀵버튼
This extension makes you able to use picture in picture in twitch site.
Chrome plugin for Mac Application Picture in Picture
Video picture in picture
Use picture-in-picture on any site.
Easy to use picture in picture plugin
The only Picture in Picture extension you will ever need
Chrome Extension to record video from Camera, Screen or Picture in Picture
Abre ventana flotante de una pagina con video HTML 5
Picture in Picture for YouTube - allows you to watch videos in a floating window (always on top of other windows)


Adds picture in picture support for Plex
Turn on Chrome's Picture in Picture mode everywhere it's accessable in one click!
Video full screen, full tab, Picture in Picture toggle
Toggle synced Picture in Picture content on YouTube with the click of a button.
lecturio.de tools (full width, picture in picture) for a better viewing experience
Allows switch to picture in picture mode for sites where blocked right mouse click
Allows activating picture in picture mode from html5 players that block right click
テレ東BIZ で Picture-in-Picture をできるようにする拡張機能です。
An extension to focus while watching videos, without having to get spied on by Google Analytics.
Picture in picture
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