Azure 为 WaterlooWorks 平台提供多款主题及多项高级扩展功能。
This will change the localisation of MSDN, azure.microsoft, support.microsoft and/or docs.microsoft pages to English (en-us).
Detects and shows your current external IP address (as seen by https://showextip.azurewebsites.net/) in a convenient popup.
Does it's best to find and conceal sensitive Azure information found in the portal views
This extension will replace standard Azure DevOps Wiki markdown editor with custom editor with WYSIWYG capabilities
Extracts Azure authorization header from requests
Azure DevOps - Manage pull requests in multiple repositories
Help azure docs. This is a Microsoft prototype.
Azure DevOps Extension - Check your pull requests with one click!
Setup background image on Azure Portal, highlight empty resource groups, mask your username and Azure AD tenant name
Browse Your Azure Blob Storage easily!
This extension provides WYSIWYG editor for Azure DevOps Wiki
Shorten Azure DevOps (formerly Visual Studio Online) URLs using vso.io shortener.
Calls the authorize endpoint with minimum required parameters and prompt=select_account.
Give Azure DevOps (a.k.a. AzDO) short, beautiful and memorable URLs with no effort.
Dark mode for Azure Databricks
Extension to add useful features into the Azure Portal.
Come on Microsoft, really, this isn't a thing?
Displays manual Test Results attachments in larger view and allows printing of test results.
Fetch and display the parent of each item and also the remainings in Azure Devops Boards
This plugin adds a toggle to each Azure DevOps board column to allow for independent column scrolling.
View CircleCI/Azure/Jenkins Logs directly on GitHub
Automated branch naming for Azure DevOps
Minimalist extension to quickly and easily search your Azure DevOps project.
Launch Azure App Service Kudu or console with selecting an instance.
Get info for Azure DevOps workitems, including history data
Track your favourite Azure DevOps work items.
A timetracker application for Azure Devops organizations.
Helps to track time in AzureDevOps.
Add the selected word(s) to wordlists: https://wordlists.azurewebsites.net
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